Monetization Freedom

Land owner of Worlds Beyond have complete monetisation freedom on our platform. We believe that some experiences should be:

Play to Own: In this model, players do not need to spend any money, but exchanging their time and experience for digital assets, similar to the Free to Play models in Web2. Some virtual experiences on Worlds Beyond will have gate fees sponsored by Stimulus Fund in order to provide an opportunity for free-to-play participants to join and increase foot traffic for both individual worlds as well as Worlds Beyond ecosystem as a whole. Certain free-to-play experiences will be funded by advertisement revenue via the ad delivery engine as well as sponsorships from communities/brands.

Compete to Own: In this monetization model, players compete with other players in each of the virtual experiences to acquire tokens or digital assets. These competitions can be in the form of a tournament where players each pay a gate fee to create a prize pool in which an immediate tournament-style payout system will re-distribute prize pool winning to each participant at the end of the virtual experience. This model would fit well in experiences that are geared for competitive individuals on the platform.

Pay to Own: In this monetization model, players spend fiat currency to acquire digital assets upfront, battle passes or seasonal rewards to enhance their experiences with premium services, similar to in game purchases in Web2 games. This model would fit well in experiences that receive a higher upfront development cost and more customized according to the vision of the and owner.

We will continue to work with and receive feedback and input from our creators and owners to be able to introduce more monetisation models to accommodate for all virtual experience types.

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