Analytics & Ad Delivery Platform

World Performance Analytics

Once we have successfully built a strong community that adopts our product we will implement a proprietary analytics platform that tracks user behavior activity and consumer preferences.This will enable effective data collection and improve the experience of the players on our platform and we will also improve the monetisation ability for world owners and advertisers. We highly believe that this system will allow consumers to receive better entertainment value from better developed experiences while opening up more avenues for owners and advertisers to refine more innovative ways to boost the consumer economy.

Ad Delivery Platform

With the assistance of the analytics platform, our proprietary ad delivery platform and ad mediation engine will allow for the implementation of advertisement bidding. This system will enable a separate avenue of monetary rewards for world owners & creators to continue improving their virtual experiences with more creativity and growing their user base. This ad reward system will also enable advertisers to be able to directly market their products to relevant consumers.

In the example shown above, our ad delivery platform will allow for advertisers to upload their ad creative, bid for the ad placement and be able to display their advertisements inside of the virtual worlds to relevant consumers if the ad bid is won.

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