We highly believe that interoperability will be one of the final frontiers of creating a truly decentralized virtual world. Interoperable characters and digital assets will redefine true digital ownership. Currently, even though the blockchain technology has unlocked the tradeability aspect of digital assets, the ability to cross-implement a single digital asset or character into multiple ecosystems still remains a challenge and pose a big roadblock towards true digital ownership. We believe that the issue lies in the fact that there has always been a lack of a single set of conforming standards that govern the technical attributes involved in modeling, texturing, rendering, rigging, animation and performance optimization of digital assets due to the wide variety of game engines being used in the market.

With the advent of the metaverse and the market demand for interoperability, we are confident that a strong entity in the blockchain gaming space will rise up, convince and unite the majority of existing platforms & projects to conform to a single set of standards that will satisfy the visual and optimization requirements of game development. With strong financial backing for both R&D as well as strategic marketing, Worlds Beyond team believe that we can be pioneers in developing this interoperable protocol that looks to become the industry standard for transferable characters and digital assets. If such an opportunity does not present itself, Worlds Beyond team is confident that we will be one of the main supporters and incubators for such a protocol to be developed and well integrated onto our platform.

Currently, we have taken preemptive steps in developing this interoperable protocol. Starting with Legends of Elumia, we are offering for characters in Legends of Elumia, along with their associated game logic such as skills, to be transferable to Worlds Beyond. Legends of Elumia project can also acquire lands and build a mini-game sample world that highlights some features that exist on Legends of Elumia. If players enjoy this shortened version of LoE, they can be referred to download the full version of the game. Also, LoE avatar holders will be able to use their characters to participate in other non-gaming and gaming experiences on Worlds Beyond ecosystem. We are currently in discussion with over 20 different projects which share the same collaborative vision that we have. These communities are all requesting to build experiences with custom-made assets and integrating their own custom-made avatars.

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