Every participant in the Worlds Beyond ecosystem will experience our virtual platform via an avatar, a virtual character. Participants can claim a virtual character in our Beyonders Avatar Collection or choose to claim a character in the form of their favorite Web3 PFP avatar, if that PFP collection is integrated into our ecosystem. These avatars offer special features as well as additional benefits in the ecosystem and therefore will be considered premium services with costs associated. Alternatively, there will also be free to play base avatars available for participants who prefer not to spend on these premium services.

Beyonders Avatar Collection

This collection of 3D avatars will feature a series of virtual characters released by Worlds Beyond team as an option for players to adopt and represent themselves in our virtual experiences. These 3D characters will be fully rigged and integrated into all non-gaming and gaming experiences on our platform.

On top of this, we aim to pioneer a few innovations with our Beyonder avatar collection. We will implement a unique reveal experience for Beyonder avatar holders where holders are able to lock in some visual attributes such as race, skin color, and accessories’ themes prior to the reveal process if such attributes are still claimable. We will make available a wide variety of races such as human, elves, zombies, undead, aliens, lizards, animal hybrids, etc. We will aim to allow as many different skin color options for each race as possible. The available accessories’ themes available will range from medieval fantasy, to modern, and space themes. Once revealed, if unhappy, holder can look to obtain a “transformation potion” and re-roll a different set of visual attributes. Moreover, Beyonder avatars are fully customizable within our Character Customization Engine with additional accessories with the ability for representative image update similar to land and blueprint NFTs.

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