Land ownership

Land ownership unlocks an important feature of Worlds Beyond. Even though all participants of our ecosystem can act as creators, only land owners have the ability to host multiplayer experiences. Land owners act as the main gatekeepers of the Worlds Beyond ecosystem. Players participate in experiences that world owners host and funnel WBITS towards the Worlds Beyond treasury. Here, the majority of WBITS collected from player activities and purchases is then funneled towards ecosystem rewards that route WBITS back to owners and players. For land owners, ecosystem rewards will motivate land owners to continually improve and diversify the experiences built on Worlds Beyond. For players, ecosystem rewards aim to serve as a partial stimulus for players to continue returning to Worlds Beyond for further entertainment values.

Land size: 1x1km

Land merging: Available (currently only allows for formation of square grids)

Physical location: None (worlds are not interconnected on a virtual grid but does allow for inter-travel via portal system)

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